Common Lighting Problems and Their Solutions

While the light fixtures in our homes usually work seamlessly to provide us with illumination, there are cases when problems arise that require the help of a professional electrician. The following are common lighting problems you may encounter along with methods electricians use to resolve them.

Burnt or Discolored Marks Around Light Switches

Burn marks or discoloration on your light switch plate or on the light switch itself indicate a wiring problem. Either there is a loose connection, or the wire has been damaged somehow, and this has caused arcing to occur. Arcing is when electricity jumps between connections, and it happens when there are flaws in electrical wiring. Arcing is a fire hazard, as temperatures can reach thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. An electrician will replace the light switch and plate along with rewiring the connection.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights indicate there is a loose electrical connection. Either the wiring inside the light fixture is coming loose, or some other component is failing, such as the light socket where you screw in the lightbulb. An electrician will either replace the defective components or the entire light fixture.


A humming sound is often caused by a light dimmer being incompatible with the light fixture. This problem is solved by having an electrician work with you to find a compatible dimmer. Sometimes, light fixtures can make humming sounds when they are faulty. In this instance, replacing your light fixture may be your only option.

Lights Switching Between Bright and Dim

If you turn on appliances and your lights go dim temporarily, the circuit cannot handle the current power demands. Appliances draw a significant amount of power, especially when they first start running, and this takes from the power our lights are using. An electrician can install a new circuit to keep power overloads at bay. When neglected, they can eventually become dangerous and lead to electrical fires.

Lightbulbs Burn Out Quickly

Sometimes lightbulbs burn out quickly when you are using those that have a higher wattage than your light fixtures require. If you confirm that you are using the correct bulbs and they are still burning out too fast, you have bigger problems on your hands. You may be contending with electrical issues that are severe enough to warrant replacing your light fixtures.

If you encounter any of these lighting problems, get help immediately. Ignoring them can cause even more significant issues that can lead to a potential loss of property or life. Call Money Electric in Conway, AR straight away for help with your lighting problems.