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If you’re looking for an electrician in Little Rock, AR, you can’t go wrong with Money Electric Co. We are a locally owned and operated company. All our electricians are fully licensed, so you know your project will be in good hands. We offer honest and up-front pricing, so you are never left with a surprise bill. We can handle any job you have. Call us today at (501) 426-5624 for your electrical service in Little Rock, AR.

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Commercial Electrician Services

When you need a commercial electrician in Little Rock, AR, look no further than Money Electric Co. Our experienced commercial electricians are ready to handle any needs your business has. After all, commercial buildings have different electrical needs than residential buildings. Your electrical loads are higher, and your business needs reliable service to keep running. Our commercial electrical contractors in Little Rock, AR are ready to tackle any job you need. Whether your lighting needs servicing, you need a new electrical panel, or you just need some new outlets installed, we are ready to help. We have the expertise needed to keep all of your systems running perfectly. We can also quickly handle any repairs, so you can get back to work.

Generator Installation

Generator installation in Little Rock, AR is the best way to protect your home from outages. When the power goes out, it can be a stressful situation. Keeping your phone charged can be a struggle. You will deal without heating or cooling. If someone in your home relies on medical devices, you may even be in a dangerous situation without power. Having a generator installed can help. A standby generator will automatically turn on and provide power when it detects an outage. It can also be fueled automatically, so you don’t need to stress at all. Our electricians can help you pick the right unit for your needs and install it for you. We can also help with your portable generator and even install a hookup that will allow it to power your home. 

Call your highly rated, professional and reliable electricians in Little Rock, AR: (501) 426-5624!

Indoor Lighting

Indoor lighting in Little Rock, AR is an overlooked part of interior design. Lighting can help attract attention to your favorite features of your home. For instance, you can use lighting to showcase a favorite photo, painting, or sculpture. Good lighting also makes your home more livable. No one likes to trip and fall because one area of the home is too dark. Lamps can help, but you may not have enough outlets or space. Our electricians can help you choose the right lighting for your home. Whether you want recessed lighting or a new fixture installed, we can do it. We can help you design a lighting system that will meet your needs and leave your home properly illuminated.

Panel Repair/Replacement

Electrical panel repairs or replacements in Little Rock, AR are a necessity. Like all parts of your home, your electrical panel will eventually wear out and require service. As this is where your electricity enters your home, you need it to function properly. If your electrical panel isn’t working properly, you may experience problems like flickering lights, frequently tripped breakers, and wear on your appliances. Having these problems fixed as soon as possible can help prevent a costlier repair later on. Our electricians can service your panel and determine the right solution to fix your problems. You may need a minor repair, or it may be time for a replacement. We can diagnose the problem and fix it.

Circuit Breaker Replacement

Circuit breaker replacement in Little Rock, AR can be an essential service. Many older homes were built when the average family used less power. This means the circuit breaker was set up to handle a much lower power load. Now, with all our modern gadgets and appliances, the circuit can become overloaded and trip more easily. If this happens to you frequently, it may be time for a circuit breaker replacement. We can install a panel that is designed for your household’s power needs.

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