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When you need generator service in Conway, AR, you can’t go wrong with Money Electric Co. We are locally owned and operated. Our expert electricians are fully licensed and ready to help with generator repairs as well as generator installations in Conway, AR. We offer fast service and honest pricing. We never want you to be surprised by the final bill, so we make sure you know the price from the moment you get a quote. Generators can be a great way to prepare for disasters. They can help make sure you don’t deal with a dead phone or spoiled food if the power service goes out. If someone in your household relies on a powered medical device, they can even be life-saving. A generator is a great way to be prepared.

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About Electric Generators

Electric generators give you a way to generate your own electricity when power isn’t otherwise available. You can use a standby generator or one that is battery powered. They function by utilizing electromagnetic induction. A conductor coil consisting of tightly wrapped wire is rotated between the poles of a magnet shaped like a horseshoe. This interferes with the magnetic field and generates an electric current. Two common types of generators are available for consumers.

The first is a portable generator. These are frequently the choice for powering appliances off the grid or for an emergency. They use gas, propane, or batteries, and they typically power devices that are plugged into them. You can have an outlet installed in your home to allow for this. These generators tend to produce less power and require more upkeep from the user. They require regular maintenance to keep them safe, and may need generator repair in Conway, AR.

The other type is a standby generator. This is installed by an electrician outside your home. When it detects an interruption in power, it will turn on automatically. This type of generator is typically fed with either liquid propane or natural gas. This system runs by itself, so you don’t need to worry if your power shuts off. Generally, you will work with an electrician to select one that can handle all your power needs in an emergency and help you if and when you need generator repair in Conway, AR. A standby generator runs through your home automatically, so you can use your power normally.

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Benefits of a Generator

When a disaster strikes, a generator can keep your lights on in Conway, AR. Due to blackouts caused by heat and extreme weather, you may find your area is suddenly out of power. A generator can keep your phone charged and your appliances running. If you get a strong enough generator, you may not need to change your habits too much. This means you can keep heating and cooling your home or keep your refrigerator running even if your neighbors are in the dark. 

For standby generators, you do need professional generator installation in Conway, AR and repairs by a qualified electrician. We can help you select the right generator for your needs and make sure it’s running perfectly before you really need it. Even if you opt for a portable generator, you still need an electrician to hook it up to power your home. An electrician can also make sure your generator is placed safely, so there aren’t any hazards to your family’s health. Generators that run off gasoline have the same dangers as any other gas-powered engine in an enclosed space.

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At Money Electric Co., we offer professional generator installation in Conway, AR. We can help you select the right unit for your family and install it safely. This way you have peace of mind even during a stressful time. Our professional electricians are fully licensed and ready to help you. Contact us today at (501) 426-5624 and enjoy peace of mind no matter what the future holds.

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