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Circuit breaker repair in Conway, AR is essential for the safety of your home. At Money Electric Co., we know how to fix these important safety devices. We are locally owned and operated, and we offer speedy service. Our fully licensed electricians can help with all of your circuit breaker needs. We also offer honest and upfront pricing so you know what you will be paying.

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About Circuit Breakers

There are a few types of circuit breakers found in a typical home. Like the name says, their purpose is to break an electrical circuit to help prevent problems like shorts and electrical fires. Different types of circuit breakers exist for different purposes.  Standard circuit breakers detect an overload and shut down the circuit before it explodes. Other types may detect shorts caused by moisture or overheating wires. If your circuit overloads, your breaker will trip to prevent any damage to your home. If your breaker is aging or can’t handle the electrical load, it may be time for a new one. If your circuit breaker isn’t functioning and you see signs of burning, you need a new one immediately. 

A circuit breaker replacement in Conway, AR can be one of the fastest ways you can help prevent a house fire. All it takes is one malfunctioning circuit breaker, and you may be dealing with a fire thanks to an overload. Make sure you check that your circuit breakers are functioning regularly for safety. 

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The Importance of Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are a necessity to use electrical systems safely. If your system experiences a short or an overload, the breaker trips and cuts the power before it can become dangerous. An overloaded wire will normally heat up, and this can cause serious problems. Your circuit breaker stops this as soon as the problem is detected. While your electrical panel has breakers that perform the same function, separate circuit breakers can detect and stop the problem much faster. They can also detect shorts caused by water or overheating wires, depending on the type of breaker. 

If your breakers aren’t working, they aren’t protecting your home. You need a professional electrician to come to inspect them for function regularly. They can spot any problems and replace a faulty breaker quickly and safely. They can also tell if you need a stronger circuit or device if you need a new circuit breaker installation in Conway, AR. For instance, if your breaker trips because you have a computer and printer running, they can help you with a new circuit breaker so you can use both safely. If your home is older, you likely need new circuit breakers. Not only do old ones wear out and cease to function, but you may have an outdated system that puts your home at risk of a fire. A professional electrician can quickly fix your electrical system and make sure you and your family are safe. Don’t leave your home up to chance. 

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Your circuit breakers are essential to keeping your home safe. While electricity is amazing, it can be dangerous. A system without good circuit breakers is at risk of overheating and causing an explosion. Working with the licensed electricians at Money Electric Co. is a sure way to make your home safer. You will enjoy peace of mind and likely a lower home insurance premium. We offer speedy service and upfront pricing so you can get your breakers fixed quickly at a price you can afford. We are locally owned and operated, so we know how to get your home up to code. Contact us today at (501) 426-5624 and enjoy a safer home.

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