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If you’re considering remodeling in Conway, AR, you shouldn’t ignore your electrical system. Any time you open up a wall or ceiling, you should check up on it. Having a professional electrician inspect your wiring for safety and code compliance makes sure your home is safe and that you don’t risk a dangerous electrical fire. At Money Electric Co., we are happy to help you with this and any related task. Our company is locally owned and operated so we’re familiar with the codes and requirements in this area. Our electricians are fully licensed, and we offer honest pricing. When it comes to your electrical system, you shouldn’t take chances. Even a minor error can cause a fire, so be sure to only trust professionals with your electrical work.

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About Electrical Remodeling

Whenever you intend to add a new lighting fixture or appliance during a remodel, you will need to consider the electrical system in your home. If you want to put in a new chandelier, you will need to have it installed and wired correctly. A kitchen remodel with new appliances will also need the circuits and electrical panel checked to make sure they can handle the load. If you’re considering adding new appliances, lighting fixtures or other equipment, you should always have your electrical system in mind.

Electrical remodeling in Conway, AR is a great time to fix any minor annoyances you have with any electrical services in your residence. This includes how you draw power. You may want new outlets added to make sure you aren’t struggling to plug in all your devices. When you’re creating a home office, having more outlets to handle monitors, computers and all your other equipment can make your life much easier. If your home is older, a remodel is the ideal time to ensure the system can handle the power needs of a modern family.

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Wiring Upgrades

When you’re remodeling in Conway, AR, you will likely need your electrical system updated as well. You can also improve your energy bills with changes like installing LED lighting. This improvement uses much less power and is more environmentally friendly. LEDs also last much longer than traditional bulbs.

You can opt for smart appliances to be added to your home, too. This can include lights you can control from anywhere or blinds that open or close automatically. Older appliances tended to need less power, so the circuit breakers and panels were rated for those power needs. Now, we have appliances that draw more power. This can put stress on systems.

When you are already doing a remodel that has opened the wall, this is a great time to upgrade the electrical system and make sure that it’s safe. Old wiring and repairs may have left spots that can cause dangerous sparks and shorts. Worn-out outlets that don’t hold onto the plug can even start a fire.

The previous homeowner may have also handled some repairs in a DIY manner. If so, there could be sections in your wiring that aren’t up to code. By hiring a professional electrician, you’ll make certain that your whole home is up to code and safe. For instance, many older bathrooms don’t use GCFI outlets. A GCFI outlet is one that will prevent a short by cutting off the power if water or moisture enters it. Replacing your bathroom or kitchen outlets can make your home safer.

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When you’re planning a remodeling project, Money Electric Co. can help make sure your electrical system is ready for the improvements. We can inspect your wiring and circuit breakers to determine they’re safe for your new appliances and install any components necessary. We offer fast service from licensed electricians, so you know your job will be done right the first time. Contact us at (501) 426-5624 today for electrical remodeling in Conway, AR.

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