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Money Electric Co. provides quality commercial electrical services in Conway, AR. Our professional and licensed electricians have the experience with commercial electrical jobs to complete work safely and accurately. We pride ourselves on knowing the commercial electrical standards and completing work the right way. Our team is prepared with the proper tools, equipment, and commercial-grade materials for your facility. You can count on our services as a commercial electrical contractor in Conway, AR.

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Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial electrical work is often more complex than residential jobs. For work as a commercial electrician in Conway, AR, we know the electrical building codes for inspection. There are many commercial services we offer and complete. If you have electrical needs in one or more areas, we can do it. Below are just a few common commercial service areas we can help you with.

  • General lighting – Common areas in commercial buildings need to be properly lit. Effective lighting provides safe walking paths for visitors and employees. If you are looking to replace and update fixtures with newer and more efficient LED lighting or simply add to existing lighting, contact us. If you have bulbs that are constantly flickering, it may be a larger issue than simply replacing a light bulb. We can address and fix the issue at the source.
  • Repairs and maintenance – A commercial electrical contractor in Conway, AR provides many repair and maintenance services. We take pride in our work. Employees, customers, and visitors are dependent on the appliances, electronics, machinery, and equipment working properly in a commercial building. With the large demand for electricity, things need to be kept running. When a problem arises, productivity can decrease, and people will be inconvenienced. Whether it’s an outlet in a key area, an inconsistent charging station, faulty wiring, or an area of the building not getting proper lighting, we will quickly diagnose the problem and have your facility back up and running.

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  • Upgrades and improvements – Even though your lighting and equipment may be working properly, electrical technology has made significant advancements over time. When you need a fully licensed commercial electrician in Conway, AR, Money Electric Co. can complete a no-obligation assessment of your lighting and electrical setup. We can make honest electrical recommendations that can help productivity, employee and visitor experiences, and safety in your commercial building. One example is enhanced and improved lighting in the employee break room. Because business needs change from time to time, we also wire rooms and offices as they are reconfigured and repurposed.
  • Security and safety – Building owners and operators want a secure and safe environment for employees and visitors. Lighting plays a big part in that. Many of our services as a commercial electrical contractor in Conway, AR involve security and safety assessments and upgrades. We can provide lighted pathways inside and outside your building. The sun sets at different times, depending on the time of year. We can wire and install modern parking lot lights that turn on with the seasons. We also install building floodlights that illuminate all sides of your building to reduce potential vandalism.
  • Recurrent power surges – Power surges can damage electronic equipment. If you’re experiencing unexplained power surges, as a commercial electrical contractor serving Conway, AR, we can help. We will use our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to determine what the source of the issue is. Our commercial electricians have the high-quality products and materials on our mobile trucks to install replacements and immediately fix the issue. We can help ensure your assets are protected from surges.

Managing Commercial Building Electrical Issues

Electrical issues can present themselves in different ways. Employees could experience disruption to a piece of equipment or lighting that goes out in part of a building. Below is a high-level list of things to consider when managing commercial building electrical needs in Conway, AR:

  • Determine if it is a safety issue, and prioritize those.
  • Understand how productivity is impacted by the issue.
  • Be proactive with electrical cord inspections, especially in high-traffic areas.
  • If a problem is reoccurring, you may want to consider an upgrade.

It’s important to work with electrical contractors who have experience with commercial buildings. They have the knowledge of how systems are connected and work with commercial-grade materials, so the work is completed to code. At Money Electric Co., we have that experience and understand the sense of urgency when you call us with an issue.

Complete Commercial Electrical Services

Money Electric Co. provides timely, quality, and reliable commercial electrical services in Conway, AR. We are ready to respond to your electrical issues and be proactive to anticipate the needs of your building. Our trained and licensed electricians can effectively diagnose, repair, and install the needed materials and fixtures for your building. Our goal is for your electrical needs to be met, so employees and visitors are productive, safe, and have a great experience in your building. Contact us at (501) 426-5624 for the immediate concerns you need to address and for any long-term electrical building enhancements.

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