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If you are looking for service for your electrical panel in Conway, AR, you should trust Money Electric Co. We are a locally owned and operated company, so we know what is required to make your electrical panel up to code. Our professional staff is ready to help with your needs. Our electricians are fully licensed, so you know your electrical panel is in good hands. We have speedy service and honest pricing, so you know ahead of time what you will be paying.

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What Is an Electrical Panel For?

Your home’s electrical panel is where your electrical service enters your home. It looks like a gray box with a door set into your wall. It is typically located somewhere out of the way, like a garage, laundry room, or basement. In older homes, you may find it outside. Inside, you will find a number of switches called breakers. If an electrical circuit in your home is drawing too much power or has a short, this breaker will flip and cut power to prevent a fire or other accident. 

Older homes may still have a fuse box. Your electrical panel is there to prevent any fires or other disasters. If you notice something is wrong, like the panel is hot, keeps tripping, is rusting, or has a burning smell, you need to shut off the main power and immediately call an electrician. All of these are signs that you are at risk for an electrical fire. Any problem with your electrical panel should have you calling an electrician since electrical panel issues can become dangerous quickly.

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Not all signs of issues with your electrical panel are very obvious. For instance, you may notice that your lights flicker or power-hungry appliances like your AC unit shut off frequently. Your breakers may also trip frequently or stay tripped no matter what you do to fix it. Your energy bill may start climbing unexpectedly since your panel is inefficient. If you are experiencing these problems, one of our electricians is ready to help. We can diagnose the problem and determine whether you need repairs or even a new electrical panel installation in Conway, AR.

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Panel

An electrical panel replacement in Conway, AR can have a number of benefits. If your home is older, you may not have a strong enough breaker or enough circuits to power all of your appliances. You may even have an old fuse box instead of a breaker panel. These systems aren’t safe and need to be replaced. If this is true for your home, a panel replacement can improve your home’s safety and increase your property value. You will also find it easier to get home insurance or pay a lower rate with a modern electrical system in place. 

Even if your current panel isn’t outdated, it may still not meet your energy needs or be inefficient. By replacing it, you can enjoy better efficiency, better performance, and possibly lower energy bills. If you have added any power-hungry appliances like a hot tub or new cooling system, you will likely also need a panel upgrade to handle the additional load. By upgrading, you won’t need to worry about breakers tripping from being overloaded regularly. 

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At Money Electric Co., we know electrical panels. We can help with any problems you have in your system. With our licensed electricians, speedy service, and local knowledge, we can make sure your electrical panel is safe and up to code. With our honest pricing, you will also know what you will pay for a safer home. Contact us today at (501) 426-5624 and enjoy all the benefits of a safe electrical panel.

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