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If you require the services of an honest, qualified electrician, then Money Electric Co. will fulfill your needs. Whether we perform repairs, installations, or inspections, our electrical service in Sherwood, AR will achieve your complete satisfaction. You can rely on us for anything from fixing a bad switch to complete rewiring. We operate as both a residential and commercial electrical contractor in Sherwood, AR. Our licensed professional electricians will upgrade your system or put in new features such as home security equipment or landscape lighting. You can count on us to stay within budget and do the job on time. Electrical problems can be fire hazards, so don’t wait to have faulty components repaired or replaced. We will examine your existing wiring and provide you with a free estimate.

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Businesses Need a Qualified Commercial Electrician

Businesses, from offices to restaurants to retail stores, have different requirements for electricity. They cannot afford to have their ovens, computers, or lights go out and halt their operation. A qualified commercial electrician in Sherwood, AR knows the requirements to always keep the electricity flowing properly and the local codes to ensure that everything is compliant.

Commercial electricians have undergone specific training for the greater demands of the business community and the equipment in various commercial enterprises. These are different from those in residential scenarios. Our professionals are trained to understand the layout of a building by looking at the blueprint. We’ll take the time to familiarize ourselves with your electrical system and understand your specific commercial needs, so your equipment keeps running.

For the trusted electricians in Sherwood, AR, call Money Electric Co. today at (501) 426-5624!

Generator Installation Ensures You'll Never Be Without Power

A generator installation in Sherwood, AR will provide emergency power for your home or office when it’s needed most. A natural disaster is the most common reason for losing electricity. In some cases, it can last for days or even more than a week. If you provide essential services, you cannot afford to be without power for even one hour.

In a residence, power for computers and kitchen appliances may be essential during a natural disaster. You might pay for a generator installation just by saving the food in your refrigerator and freezer. In addition to this, consider going without lights, the water heater, and the television. Having electricity during a storm or heat during the winter is more than a convenience. A generator is a wise investment that you forget about most of the year, but it can save your life when a disaster happens.

Enhance Your Home's Ambiance With Indoor Lighting

There is a lot you can do with indoor lighting in Sherwood, AR. Our electrical services include the interior design of indoor lighting as well as the installation. There are various factors you should consider when making your selections.

Choose a focal point. In a large room or a dining room, a chandelier is a good lighting focal point. In smaller rooms, a floor lamp or sconces may work better.

Match the fixture size to the scale of the room. This means you don’t want a giant fixture in a small room, and you don’t want to install small fixtures that don’t even light up a large room.

Installing dimmers can let you change the atmosphere in a room with the twist of a knob. They also help you save electricity and possibly lower your electric bill.

Stay Safe With Panel Repair and Replacement

An electrical panel is the small metal box where your circuit breakers are. Sometimes called the brain of your home electrical system, it is usually in an out-of-the-way place like a laundry room or basement. It contains the main circuit that controls the power in the whole house as well as breakers for specific areas of your home. Panel repair and replacement in Sherwood, AR may be needed if your breakers stop completing the circuit that brings electricity to your home.

This is particularly true if you have increased the power demands in your home. To comfortably and safely operate many modern appliances and devices, an electrical upgrade is recommended, and it starts with the panel.

Circuit Breaker Replacement When the Lights Go Off

If the lights in several rooms go out when you plug in a new appliance, it means the circuit breaker has switched off and cut the electricity flow. This can happen for several reasons. Sometimes, just switching the circuit back on is enough, but it may not be. In that case, you may need circuit breaker replacement in Sherwood, AR. If it is in an older house, the whole panel may need to be replaced. We can check your panel, and you can count on Money Electric Co. to give an honest and up-front pricing estimate. If repairs or replacements are in order, your safety couldn’t be in better hands.

Electrical problems are not only a nuisance; they can also be dangerous. Call (501) 426-5624 today to get a free estimate from a professional electrician in Sherwood, AR for any electrical issue you have.

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