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The certified professional electricians at Money Electric Co. are trained in all aspects of indoor lighting. Whether it’s wiring, recessed lighting, dimmers, or interior design, you can count on our electricians to give you the best. We provide LED lighting in Conway, AR for all types of lighting, from chandeliers to outdoor safety lights. We examine your home or office building and recommend the best budget-friendly lighting installations. We work with you for the perfect customized solution for all aspects of indoor lighting.

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The Benefits of Good Indoor Lighting

Our electricians have a wide knowledge of the different possibilities for indoor lighting and will help you choose the fixtures and placement that fit your budget and design needs.

Good indoor lighting in Conway, AR can have a powerful effect on your mood. Lighting makes a room feel comfortable but also creates dramatic effects. The play of shadow and light can highlight certain features such as artwork, a fireplace, a photo wall, or indoor plants. We do this with downlights, up lights, hanging lights, and spotlights.

Dimmers can save you money by reducing the wattage of light you are using as well as setting a mood. They are useful in living rooms, media rooms, and outdoor patios.

LED lighting in Conway, AR is the best choice for your eyes and your wallet. They not only use less energy, but they also last much longer than regular bulbs and produce no heat.

LED lighting mimics natural light better than incandescent bulbs do and is easier on the eyes. LED lighting installation in Conway, AR can be placed on strips and put in hidden places around the room, such as in shelves and along the ground. They come in a variety of colors and also easily change color.

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Different Indoor Lighting Options

At Money Electric Co., we provide fast service for a variety of indoor lighting options in Conway, AR. A few of the most commonly selected options are:

  • Recessed lighting – Recessed lighting is usually installed in hollow openings in a ceiling. It can also be placed on the wall or floor.
  • Media Room lighting – Lighting is very important in a room where you have a TV or computers that you use to watch videos and programs. Lighting can help enhance the picture as well as make watching a screen easier on your eyes.
  • Pendant lighting – Pendant lighting is best for homes with high ceilings. It is also useful over dining tables and staircases. Pendant lights take up no floor or wall space. They are a good choice for over a bar in the kitchen or dining room.
  • Art lighting – Art lighting is not just to illuminate expensive paintings. Even the most humble room may have family photos, children’s art, or other favorite pictures that deserve highlighting.

The light fixtures in your home may not illuminate the rooms the way you want, especially if they are old or installed by a previous owner. They may look dated and have old wiring. Damaged light fixtures can be a fire hazard. Good lighting is better for your eyes. It is not healthy to constantly strain your eyes with poor lighting.

Our licensed professional electricians can examine your wiring and help you choose new LED lighting in Conway, AR that creates the ambiance you want. Changing your light fixtures may

  • Decrease your energy consumption – Technology has advanced every industry, and lights are no exception.
  • Enhance your interior design – You may have gone to a lot of trouble and expense to get the furniture and color combinations you want in your home, but did you consider how LED lighting in Conway, AR will impact your choices?
  • Reduce fire hazard – Our professional electricians know the local and national codes for electrical safety. We can assess your current fixtures and wiring and recommend LED lighting repair in Conway, AR.

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At Money Electric Co., our certified, professional electricians can take care of all your lighting needs quickly and safely. You can be sure your home is up to the recommended standards and have an ambiance that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. Call us at (501) 426-5624 today for a consultation and estimate. We aim to finish the job on time and within your budget for your 100% satisfaction.

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