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When you need an electrician in Cabot, AR, you can trust the services of Money Electric Co. We are a locally owned and operated company. We offer fast service so we can complete your project quickly. We have fully licensed electricians on staff ready to help you with whatever electrical service in Cabot, AR that you require. Our honest and upfront pricing makes sure you never need to worry about a surprise charge. Contact us at (501) 426-5624 today for any electrical needs you have.

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Expert Commercial Electricians

When your business needs a commercial electrician in Cabot, AR, look no further than Money Electric Co. Our commercial electricians know the unique needs of businesses. Commercial buildings have much higher electrical needs than a typical residential home. They require specialized knowledge to keep their systems running properly. If your business needs electrical service, you can’t go wrong with us. Whether you need new lighting, a repair, or just some new outlets installed, we can help. 

Portable and Standby Generator Installations

Generator installation in Cabot, AR is one of the best ways to give yourself peace of mind. A portable or standby generator can make sure you aren’t stressed over power during an outage. Your new generator can keep the lights on, your phone charged, your food cold, and even your climate controls on even if your neighbors are in the dark. We can help you select a generator that is right for your needs and install it safely, so you never need to stress. Our expert electricians can tell you what unit is best for your needs and budget, so you have peace of mind no matter what the future holds. If anyone in your home relies on a powered medical device, make sure you have a generator ready to keep them safe.

When you are in need of an electrician in Cabot, AR, call the professionals at money electric now: (501) 426-5624!

Indoor Lighting Design

Indoor lighting in Cabot, AR is one of the most ignored parts of interior design. No matter how beautifully you decorate your home, if no one can see it, they can’t appreciate it. Indoor lighting design can help highlight all your favorite features of your home. Whether you want better lighting all over your home or you want to show off a favorite piece of art, we can help. Recessed lighting can help illuminate your home without distracting you from other features. You could also opt for energy-efficient LED lighting to save money on your power bill. Many LED systems can also be dimmed or have changing colors so you can set up your lighting to match your mood. Our experienced electricians can help you select the right lighting for your needs.

Electrical Panel Repair and Replacement for Your Home

As your home ages, electrical panel repairs and replacements in Cabot, AR become a necessity. All parts of your home will wear over time and require repairs. Since your electrical panel is where your power enters your home, a problem with your panel can have many effects. You may notice your lights flickering, or your circuit breaker may trip more often. Appliances may also suffer from power surges that can damage them. Having your panel repaired early may prevent these problems. If you need a replacement panel, we can also handle one that will meet your family’s energy needs.

Circuit Breaker Replacement For Safety

Older homes frequently require circuit breaker replacement in Cabot, AR. Your average home had much lower energy needs even 15 years ago, so circuit breakers installed before then matched that level of power consumption. When you draw more power than the circuit breaker was designed for, you will experience tripped breakers and damage to appliances. Having your circuit breaker replaced with a new one will fix these problems and allow you to plug in your devices without worry.

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