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4 Interesting Facts About Commercial Electrical Systems

Commercial electric networks are important for business structures, as they provide power to simple things like lights and heaters as well as complicated machines and advanced technology. Different from the systems in homes that serve everyday household activities, commercial networks are made to manage more significant electrical demands, adapt easily to different setups, and offer various features in many kinds of places. With the changes in business and advancements in technology, it is especially important to know about the complex details of commercial electrical systems for better performance, safety, and growth. Here are four surprising things about these systems that probably never crossed your mind.

1. Wiring Is Highly Accessible

Unlike residential wiring, which often runs behind walls, commercial wiring must be accessible. Most businesses are in buildings rented or leased by multiple companies, which can make the layout change frequently. Commercial electricians use methods for running wires in these settings and have special training to work with different layouts.

For example, malls or shopping centers often host businesses ranging from stores to restaurants and entertainment venues like movie theaters. These kinds of businesses require different configurations that commercial electricians can handle. One example is knowing how to install wiring without knocking down walls.

2. They Rely on Three-Phase Wiring

Single-phase electricity is most common in residential settings. The only appliances that usually require 240 volts in homes are refrigerators or air conditioners. Commercial settings typically have more extensive requirements because of the increased electrical demands.

Commercial electrical systems often use three-phase wiring. This type of wiring includes 120/208V or 277/480V “legs.” The wiring can grow more complicated from there, especially in businesses with multiple significant appliances.

3. Commercial Power Systems Can Be Designed From Scratch

Commercial electricians can design an electrical system for a business at the blueprint stage. In new construction buildings, the owners can control how the electrical system functions, even making allowances for future growth with expansion or more tenants.

If a building requires more than one circuit board, a commercial electrician can handle this situation easily. Such electricians are also knowledgeable of particular outlets some devices may require. Another advantage of working with these professionals is the ability to handle upgrades while consulting with your contractor.

4. Green Technology Has Been a Gamechanger for Commercial Electrical Systems

Many businesses have seen the benefits of using green technology. For example, solar panels are one enhancement that offers businesses a significant return on investment. When adopting modern technology, any upgrades must be made by a professional who is knowledgeable.

Going green might be the perfect reason to upgrade an existing power system. Companies opting to go green will save significantly on their electric bills. Green businesses have advantages going beyond consumer appeal, with the savings being a major start.

Maintenance is essential for making sure the electrical system in your establishment continues to function at peak performance and prevent disruptions to your business operations. Reach out to Money Electric in Conway, AR, for all your commercial electric needs.