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Facts About Electricians

Electricians offer an invaluable service to their community. The job requires extensive training and has strict qualifications. Electricians are not only trained but also licensed to perform their work. What follows is some interesting information on the profession.

Levels of Expertise

Electricians aren’t required to have a college degree, but they undergo significant hands-on training. An electrician is certified or licensed in accordance with state requirements.

To become a licensed electrician, one must apply for an apprenticeship (classroom instruction and on-the-job training). These programs might be offered through trade schools or unions. Beyond that, there are two distinct levels of professional qualification.

Once you’ve completed the apprenticeship, you’re called a journeyman. After two years of experience, a journeyman can apply to become a master electrician. A master electrician can train apprentices, lead jobs, etc.


The types of jobs an electrician can work on also vary. There are three main types of electricians.

Residential electricians primarily work in homes, apartments, and other residential buildings. Other electricians focus on working in commercial buildings. During their apprenticeship, those who wish to work for commercial clients must complete a certain number of hours of training in that sort of setting. Finally, we have industrial electricians who work in large facilities that use big machinery and equipment, such as power plants. Individuals who wish to be industrial electricians must train specifically under other licensed industrial electricians.

Risks and Rewards

Electricians have a high rate of workplace-related injuries. Although these are not necessarily fatal, there is a routine danger of shocks, burns, and falls. On the other hands, the work tends to have significant financial compensation.

One of the benefits of becoming an electrician is that you can earn a good salary while you train in your apprenticeship program. Therefore, you can make money quickly when you go down this path. You won’t earn as much as a fully licensed electrician, but the pay will still be good.

Even though working as an electrician can be dangerous, it’s a recession-proof job. Every home or business needs a flow of power, and a professional is required to fix a problem with that. Most people are not skilled enough to do this kind of work safely or correctly.

Rely on Your Local Professionals

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