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A Brief Guide to Electrical Maintenance in Older Buildings

Older homes and buildings can be wonderful. They’re often unique and filled with charm and history. They can, however, present some issues when it comes to electrical wiring. If you’re buying an older house, you may need to do some repairs. If you’re looking at an older building for commercial use, you’ll need to make sure everything is up to code. And even if you’ve been in your home for a long while, routine maintenance is something to consider. It’s important that the wiring is up to current standards for safety and efficiency. Here are a few tips to help you out.

Is Rewiring Necessary?

One of the first signs that a house or building needs rewiring is flickering lights. If the lights dim and get brighter, this is another sure-fire sign that some repairs should be made. If the circuit breaker trips or older fuses burn out regularly, the wiring is inadequate for the power consumption needs of the property. A wiring job will likely need to be completed.

Some other signs to look out for are burning smells and discoloration around the outlets and light switches. If you’re aware of aluminum wires in the building, these should be replaced with a more reliable alternative. Finally, make sure that the electrical system in an older house has 200 amps. Older homes may have less, but a current house should have 200 amps to supply the needs of a modern family.

Things to Check

Check the fuses and circuit breakers. Make sure they’re free of rust and that all of the switches can be easily used. Next, test every outlet in the house to make sure they’re properly connected and working. Inspect any wiring that’s visible. If you’re perhaps making other home repairs, it’s a good time to look directly at the electrical system. Check for any bare wires or cracking in the wire covers.

It’s always advisable to review your local codes and ordinances before rewiring an older property. If you’re going to do some serious rewiring, it’s a good time to plan ahead. Consider adding circuit interrupters for outlets near water, such as kitchen and bathroom outlets. It’s also a good idea to upgrade older service panels. Always make sure that all power is off and all safety procedures are followed before starting any electrical work.

It May Be Time to Contact the Pros

Some jobs should be left up to professional electricians. This is the safest option for those who are inexperienced with this type of work. If you need help with electrical panel upgrades in an older property in Conway, AR, contact the professionals at Money Electric today.