What To Do When An Outlet Is Smoking

If you ever glance across the room and see an outlet smoking, you are sure to be filled with panic. All you can envision is your Columbus home on fire and injuries to your loved ones. Because you know that where there is smoke, there is fire. Even if it is just a small fire, it is in the wall of your home and could quickly become life-threatening. So your first job is to get everyone evacuated from the house, including pets. 

Taking Additional Action

If you want to minimize the potential for damage and feel safe reentering the house, go to the electrical panel and turn off the circuit that contains the smoking outlet. If you are unsure which circuit, turn off all the breakers. Then return to the outlet to see if it is still smoking. Gently touch the wall to see if it feels warm. If there is still smoke or the wall is warm, exit the house and call 911 to report an electrical fire.

If Help Is Delayed

Living in some remote areas, you might discover that help will not arrive as quickly as you hoped. In that case, you might wish to try to contain the damage yourself. You will need to use a POWER-BASED OR CO2 extinguisher. Never use water or other extinguishers to put out an electrical fire. It could result in electrocution.

An Ideal Outcome

In the best case, when you turn off the breaker or power to your home, the smoke dissipates, and the wall does not feel hot. However, you still need to have a licensed electrician examine the wiring to ensure that your loved ones and home are safe. Call (501) 426-5624 to request an emergency service visit from the experts at Money Electric. Our on-call team is here 24/7 to provide the service and peace of mind you need to know that your home is not safe from an electrical issue that could cause a fire.

Common Caused Of A Smoking Electrical Outlet

There could be many reasons for the smoke and small fire you discovered in your wall. Our licensed electrician will examine the wiring and connections to let you know the specific issue and how we can repair any of the following common problems encountered:

  • Bad Wiring – This can include loose wires, damaged connections, or a faulty ground wire that resulted in an arc, fire, and smoke.
  • Dirt In The Outlet – Dust and dirt in an outlet can allow the electricity to cross the wires and create an abundance of heat, which starts a fire. Cleaning outlets regularly is the best way to prevent this issue. Before removing the faceplate, turn off the breaker to carefully dust inside the electrical box, but never use any liquid cleaner.
  • Overloaded Outlets – Overloading an outlet causes excessive heat that is likely to start a fire. Only plug one device into each receptacle.

Call (501) 426-5624 to schedule an appointment with Money Electric when you have concerns about electrical safety in your home.