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Things You Should Teach Your Children About Electrical Safety

As a parent, you know how much kids like to explore the world around them. That curiosity and sense of adventure can go from cute to dangerous in an instant. Learning safety around electricity is more important today than ever. Let’s cover some lessons you can pass on to younger family members to keep them safe.

Proper Use of Electrical Outlets

For many children, outlets are the first source of trouble with electricity. Toddlers will often try to stick their fingers or foreign objects into receptacles. The sooner they understand that only plugs go into outlets, the better.

You should also teach your children to gently unplug items to prevent damage to electronics, prongs on the plug, or the outlet itself.

Electricity and Water Never Mix

Another dangerous scenario for younger family members is handling electricity near a water source. Teach them that pouring liquids on cords, devices, and outlets is a big no-no. They should also learn that electrical cords, household appliances, and dad’s favorite radio in the garage should never be thrown into the bathtub, pool, or sink.

Don’t Use Damaged Cords or Devices

Teach your infant not to chew on cords to prevent accidental shocks. Kids should also understand that damaged sleeves on cords or bent prongs on plugs are unusable.

Avoid Overloading Extension Cords or Power Strips

An overloaded circuit can create excessive heat leading to overheated devices, damaged wires, and possibly an electrical fire. Children must learn to avoid plugging too many devices into an extension cord or power strip.

Transformer Boxes Aren’t Play Areas

Kids love to find things to aid in playtime around the house, including in the yard. Underground pad transformer boxes attract children as a playing surface.

Place safety stickers on these boxes if they have none and teach younger family members to identify them. Help children discover alternative playing surfaces for their games.

Avoid Power Lines

As your children grow, so will their reach. They must learn that power lines are dangerous and not be touched, including throwing items at the power lines to make contact indirectly. It’s also important to teach them that downed power lines should be avoided at all costs.

Stay Away From Electrical Properties

Your child should know how to respect boundaries around dams, electrical substations, and other dangerous electrical structures. That includes instances where they want to retrieve personal items that went over a fence. Teach them that it’s better to ask for help rather than trying to retrieve the item themselves.

Providing Safety and Service

Electrical safety is our priority, but we offer other assistance as well. We provide commercial and residential electrical services, including installations, lighting, repairs, and safety. Arkansas residents know and trust Money Electric, so contact us today for electrical safety or other needs in Conway and the surrounding area.