The Top Residential Electrical Problems

Most homeowners in the Conway area are equally guilty of taking the modern convenience of electricity for granted. We don’t even think about walking into a dark house and turning a switch to have light or adjusting the thermostat to have heat or pleasantly cool air in the summertime. However, that all comes to a halt when we discover a problem with this essential service. Suddenly, we understand that life as we know it depends significantly on having usable electricity. So understanding the three most common household electrical issues is the first step in avoiding a very inconvenient problem.  

Fluctuating Power

Most homeowners are familiar with power surges and spikes. They know that these issues can pose a risk to their electronics and appliances plugged into the electrical system. However, they are unaware that a decrease in the appropriate amount of power can also lead to significant problems for electronics and items with an electric motor. For example, a dip or reduction in energy from the standard 110 volts can be noticed when lights slightly dim and then return to their normal brightness.

If this continues, the drop in power can result in electric motors overheating, suffering from excessive wear, and even premature failure. In addition, the pulsing of the voltage can harm the delicate components inside electronic devices. Therefore, if you notice a continued fluctuation in power in your home, it is time to call (501) 426-5624 to schedule a service appointment with the licensed electricians at Money Electric.

Circuit Breakers Tripping

An occasionally tripped circuit breaker is not out of the ordinary. However, if you have a single breaker or a few breakers that trip regularly, there is reason to be concerned. A circuit breaker is a safety feature made to trip or open the circuit when a fault is detected. So that tripped breaker is an indication of trouble that will require examination by a licensed electrician to avoid future issues and even the potential for an electrical fire. So never ignore a frequently tripping breaker.

Not Enough Outlets

A lot has changed in the world since most homes were built. Even a house that is only 20 or 30 years old was not designed to support all the electronics and devices used today. So you are likely to have discovered that there is a shortage of outlets in your home. Using power strips and other outlet multiplying devices is not a safe solution. The only way to gain outlet capacity without risking a potential electrical fire is to have your home’s electrical system evaluated and upgraded by a licensed electrician.

The pros at Money Electric will inspect the wiring, breakers, and other electrical components to determine which circuits can accommodate additional electrical outlets. In addition, upgrades can be made to other circuits to accommodate added outlets. It is the smart way to increase the number of outlets in your older home without risking its safety or the safety of your electronic devices. Call (501) 426-5624 to schedule your appointment today.