Old electrical panel against a brick wall

Signs You Need to Replace Your Breaker Box

You typically don’t think about your breaker box too often, at least until there is a problem. Like other parts of your home, your breaker box wears out and will need to be replaced. Here are the signs you need a new breaker box.

1. Age

Since many of the homes here in Conway are older, many also have older breaker boxes. Breaker boxes older than 25 years should be replaced for safety. If your system uses fuses, it is best to replace it. While fuses can be safe, they are typically older, and a previous owner may have made it unsafe by installing fuses that are too large.

2. Visible Damage

Even if your breaker box is under 20 years old, you may still see obvious damage to your breaker box. In our humid summers here in Conway, rust is a real issue. A rusty breaker has experienced water damage and needs to be replaced. If you see any dents or similar damage, you need to have the breaker box checked to make sure the damage is only cosmetic.

3. Odd Smells and Noises

A burning smell coming from your breaker box is a sure sign that something is wrong. It needs a repair or full replacement to make sure that the burning smell doesn’t turn into an electrical fire. A warm or hot breaker box also indicates that there is a fire risk. If you hear hissing or buzzing sounds, that can indicate a faulty wire or loose connection. This needs to be checked out to make sure your electrical system is safe.

4. Breaker Box Doesn’t Give Enough Flow

An older panel that doesn’t offer enough electrical flow for your needs will have a few issues. You may not have enough outlets in your home. You may also see breakers trips frequently since your circuits can’t support your electrical needs. Your lights may also flicker when you run the microwave or vacuum since your circuit is being stressed. You will likely need a replacement if you are adding a new large appliance like a heater or stove. If your electrical panel can’t support any more circuits safely to meet your needs, you will need a new one to match your needs.

Trust the Professionals

If you are experiencing all these signs of needing a new breaker box, trust the professionals at Money Electric Co. We can help test your breaker box and find the right new panel for your home. Our expert electricians can replace your breaker box and make sure your home is safe for years to come. Contact us today and enjoy all the power you need.