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Regular Generator Maintenance Can Help You Stay Powered During an Emergency

You cannot always rely on the electric grid in Conway, AR. Severe storms can hit any time of year, knocking out power. With hurricanes in the fall and tornadoes in the spring, you need to always be prepared. Changing the oil is just one of the things you need to do to keep your generator ready to go in all situations.

Standby generators are large enough that they can power almost anything in your home, from your cell phone and laptop to your refrigerator and other appliances. They will automatically turn on when you lose power in the house. Even if you don’t have to use your generator, you still need to take action to keep it in good working order.

When to Schedule Maintenance

You should schedule generator maintenance every 400 hours of use or every six months. Most generators have a panel with a feature that tells you how many hours it has run in total and how many hours you have used it recently. A good generator should last for 10,000 hours or more. Scheduling this appointment in the fall and spring can reduce the risk of it failing when you need it most. It may also be easier to get an appointment during a quieter time of year.

Let It Run Monthly

When you have a standby generator installed, the technician will likely turn it on and let it run for a while. This lets them look for any kinks or problems that might affect how it will run during an emergency. After that, it’s good to test your generator every month. Some models will automatically trigger a test run on a regular basis.

What Happens During a Visit?

When a technician comes to perform maintenance, they will inspect the entire unit, looking for signs of wear or failing parts. During a maintenance visit, we’ll also check the batteries, connections, and all electrical wirings. We will also inspect and tighten belts if needed as well as check for any signs of leaks. If we find anything wrong, we can repair the generator promptly. Finally, we’ll check the air filters and fluid levels.

During an emergency in Conway, AR, you want to make sure that your generator comes on quickly and gives you all the power you need. Regular maintenance is an important part of making sure that happens. Let a pro handle your bi-annual inspection. Contact Money Electric to schedule generator maintenance or to get a new one installed.