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Preventing Lighting Problems Can Save Lives

Lighting is one of the most important features of a home. Unfortunately, serious mistakes can be made in regards to lighting and your electrical system. This can cause dangerous and expensive problems. In some cases, it may even put your family at risk. It’s important to prevent such issues when you can.

Detect Electrical Issues

First, you should be aware that all lighting in your home depends on your electrical system. When that system fails, it can lead to deadly consequences such as electrocution or fire. Things that can cause such hazards include:

  • Not enough outlets for your power consumption
  • Lack of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFICs)
  • Electrical panel that has become over-burdened
  • Outdated aluminum wiring in older homes
  • The use of ungrounded, two-pronged receptacles

This is only a starter list for all the possible problems that can exist with the electrical system that implements your lighting. Some things may not be applicable to every house. Aluminum wiring, for example, was mostly phased out after the 1960s. Still, it’s always good to have your home inspected by an electrician for such issues. A proper inspection should certainly be performed before you buy a house. What is discovered could save your family’s lives.

Buy the Proper Lighting

Lighting fixtures need to be constructed to exacting standards for proper operation and safety. This means buying from reputable sources instead of discount stores that may import directly from countries with lower safety standards. You will be paying more. However, you will also receive a better and safer product. For the same reason, you should also avoid buying used lighting. It could be in far worse shape than you can discern just from the listing or from seeing it on a secondhand store shelf.

Use Your Lighting Correctly

Safety should also be a big concern when using or installing new lighting. This even includes the simple act of replacing a light bulb. Wait long enough for the light bulb to cool down before replacing it. The light switch should be turned off to prevent any risk. Do not use bulbs of higher wattage than that intended for the fixture.

You should also avoid is overcrowding outlets with too many plugs using extensions. This could produce a fire hazard. If you need more outlets, have a professional install them instead of pushing your system past its recommended usage.

Employ Professionals When Needed

The most important way to prevent problems with lighting, however, is not to overstep your abilities. Electrical systems are complex and dangerous, and they’re not suited to DIY projects. In regards to the proper installation of new lighting, it’s always wise to stick with the knowledge and skill of professionals. Doing it on your own can result in serious accidents.

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