Electricity short circuit

Loose Electrical Outlets: A Dangerous Problem

All outlets in your home must be held firmly in place and be flush with the walls. If your outlets are loose, the outlet covers may be the only things holding your outlets in place, and the outlet covers are not durable enough to ensure the integrity of your outlets when appliances and electronics are plugged and unplugged repeatedly. Money Electric Co., a top provider in Conway, AR, recommends promptly calling a licensed electrician if you find any loose electrical outlets in your home.

How to Tell Your Outlets Are Loose

There are a variety of ways for you to tell when your outlets are loose. One way to find out if your outlets are loose is to look for shifting when you plug and unplug appliances and electronics. Outlets that are recessed far into the wall and outlets that hang slightly out of the wall also indicate that you have loose outlets.

As soon as you notice any signs indicating your outlets are loose, it is critical for you to contact an electrician. After all, you do not want to have a house fire that can destroy your home and cause injury or death.

The Dangers Posed by Loose Outlets

Conway is known for having reliable and affordable municipal electricity, but loose outlets can disrupt the flow of electricity in your home. Disruptions to the flow of electricity lead to arcing, which can cause serious fire hazards. Outlets can also spark, and appliances and other electronics can be ruined. Additionally, loose outlets can lead to short circuits that can create even larger electrical problems.

Do Not Attempt to Repair Your Outlets Yourself

Sure, you can attempt to repair loose outlets yourself; however, this is strongly discouraged. Tightening loose outlets is fairly involved and can pose significant dangers for someone who does not possess the proper training and experience. Licensed electricians take between four and five years to complete their training, and many electricians receive training via apprenticeship programs.

You may argue that you can watch intricately detailed videos demonstrating the process, but even one wrong move can be dangerous or even deadly. Repairing loose outlets must only be done by a licensed electrician who has the experience and training to make the repair quickly and safely. Additionally, licensed electricians can spot any other problems that are going on behind the scenes.

The minute you notice that any of your electrical outlets are loose, call Money Electric Co. to schedule repair service. If you are not someone who likes to talk on the phone, you can fill out our contact form or send us an email. Whichever way you decide to contact us, you need not wait because outlets that are slightly loose can pose serious dangers.