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Keeping Your Track Lighting in Top Shape

Track lighting is one of the most aesthetically pleasing types of lighting. Another advantage is that it is also energy efficient. However, some maintenance is essential to making sure your lighting continues to work as intended.

The maintenance is easy to incorporate into your regular cleaning routine. Following these steps can spare you from having expensive repairs.

Check Wiring Connections

If you’ve had your lighting for quite a while or recently had work done, it’s possible that there has been some disruption to your wiring. The most obvious sign is having the lights going out, even with good bulbs. However, there might be other indicators, such as flickering lights, especially with other lights on in the same room.

It’s always a good idea to check your fixture for signs of insecure connections. If any of your wires have become exposed, don’t use your fixture until a professional can check it out. Exposed wiring can be a fire and shock hazard, making it a situation you don’t want to ignore.

Inspect the Whole Track

Occasionally, take the time to check out the entire track, not just the lights. For example, rust, corrosion, and other signs of wear aren’t good for your fixture. If the track starts to wear out too badly, it might require replacement, which will always be more costly than properly maintaining everything.

One of the things you will want to do is check the fixture’s connection to the walls or ceiling. If any of the connections are loose, the track and all its lights could become dislodged. Securing your fixture’s ceiling or wall connection may prevent your lights from getting broken.

Keep the Entire Fixture Clean

Keeping your track lighting fixture clean goes a long way toward preventing problems. Dust is a major allergen for many people, and so is pet dander. Keeping dust and other debris off your fixture will help keep it working well, because debris like dust and hair can interfere with the fixture’s electrical components.

Using a duster is the best way to rid your lighting fixture of accumulated dust. If you can safely use a chair or step stool to reach the lighting, dusting it off with a clean, dry cloth is also helpful. However, if you opt to clean this way, make sure the power is turned off to avoid a shock.

Keeping your track lighting in the best condition possible will maximize your usage and its longevity. When you need indoor lighting services, contact our electricians at Money Electric in Conway, AR.