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Do You Know These Interesting Facts About Electricity?

We all rely so much on electricity. Whether we’re working, hanging out at home, or going about our daily routine, we use a lot of electricity. Some of us might not pay attention to our electrical systems or think about how amazing it is to have so many capabilities. Electricity is really fascinating, and it can be nice to know a little more about something that we use every day.

Lightning Is Powerful

You already know that lightning can be dangerous. It’s incredibly powerful, having about 300 million volts and 30,000 amps. The current in your household is 120 volts and 15 amps. In theory, lightning can be used to power many homes. Unfortunately, that can’t happen at this time because lightning simply has too much power for our existing equipment. Houses in areas that experience frequent lightning storms may have lightning rods for protection. A rod can give lightning a direct path to the ground, where it can’t cause as much damage.

We Waste a Lot of Energy Every Day

In a traditional lightbulb, only about 10% of the energy consumed goes to creating light. The other 90% creates the heat that emanates from the lightbulb. The desire to lessen waste is why many people have made the switch to LED lights. The numbers are almost reversed with LED lights. About 80% of the energy consumed goes to creating light.

Additionally, our electronics can drain energy even when they’re not in use. A television in standby mode may use at least a few watts. Other devices in standby mode can consume electricity, too. Unplugging certain items may help you to reduce energy consumption.

Electricity Is as Fast as Light

Light travels extremely quickly, at a rate of about 186,000 miles per hour. Electricity is just as fast, so that’s why our electrical devices can work so quickly. Electricity is so fast that we sometimes have to slow it down. We do so through the use of resistors. These devices slow down currents and lose energy in the form of heat. That’s how toasters, electrical heaters, and electric ovens are able to create heat. Other devices also use resistors so that they can function properly.

We Are Electrical Systems

We have electricity running through us. This ensures that our hearts can beat and that signals can be sent to and from the brain. Being exposed to too much energy, of course, is a bad thing, but it’s interesting to think about our own electrical power.

Electricity is such a complex topic, and there are so many interesting facts about it. It has become a very important part of our everyday lives. If you ever need help with your electrical system, please be safe. Call us at Money Electric if you need assistance with lighting, surge protection, or more in Conway, AR.