Critical Electrical Safety To Share With Children

Today’s children look at electricity as a magic power that makes the television, computer, and video games work to provide them with entertainment. They only see the good and exciting features of electricity, and they are eager to take advantage of the fun it adds to their lives. However, parents and adults need to take an active role in teaching children about electricity’s dark and dangerous side. Without this knowledge, kids are sure to make a mistake that could be very painful and even life-threatening. Sharing just a few facts and safety tips can spare your child a completely avoidable injury.

Respect For Outlets

Curiosity is how children learn if left to their own devices. Babies grab things, look at them intently, and even stuff them into their mouths to discover what they are and how they can be used. However, there is no safe way for a child to learn about electrical outlets without the guidance of a parent or adult.

Even if all your outlets have been childproofed, know that not every home or building that you visit with your child will offer that same added layer of protection. So it is imperative that you start early and teach children that outlets are hazardous and not toys. Remind children even when touching a covered or childproofed outlet that they are dangerous and should never be touched.

Never Mix Water And Electricity

Unfortunately, many items in a child’s life are waterproof, so they develop a false sense of security when taking things near water. They need to learn early that water and electricity do not mix. That means taking a favorite tablet or game near water could destroy it. And it also means that they could get hurt if the water touches their tablet charger or other electric devices.

Power Line Safety

Children need to know that any time they discover a power line that is touching the ground, or low enough for them to touch, it is a considerable hazard. Kids think of power lines much like the cord on the vacuum cleaner or fan. They do not understand that these large power lines are dangerous and could hurt them if they touch them. That thought is further reinforced when they see birds land on the wire and then fly away unharmed.

When To Ask For Help

As your children get older and have more freedom, they need to know when to ask for help related to electricity. For example, if a bulb starts flickering or their tablet charger is not working, they should never try to fix it or figure out the problem without the help of an adult. These investigations can lead to damaged items, but worse than that, severe burns or a life-threatening electrical shock.

Start early teaching your children about electrical safety to avoid a heartbreaking tragedy. If you have questions or concerns about the electrical safety in your home, call (501) 426-5624. The licensed electricians at Money Electric are always ready to assist with an electrical safety inspection.