Can My Electrical Panel Accommodate My Home Office?

Have you gotten adjusted to working from home alongside your children who are remote learning? Both of these changes might have created some angst initially, but you are now sure to be enjoying the added freedom and extra time that comes from eliminating a commute. But as you think about the long-term ramifications of everyone being home during the day and needing access to the internet and electricity for multiple devices, you begin to wonder if your electrical panel is up to this new challenge.

Signs That Your Electrical Panel Is Struggling

Have you experienced more tripped breakers in the last few months than you did over the last decade? The reason for all of the breaker issues could be as simple as an overload to the circuit or circuits that are regularly tripping. For example, if you have focused all of your office equipment in a single room and others have also created personal workspaces, the concentration of electronic devices could overload your home’s electrical circuits. You could also notice that lights flicker slightly when appliances turn on or that there is a noticeable hum coming from your outlets. These are all indications that your electrical panel has trouble meeting your demand for electricity in some or all the areas of your house.

Why Is An Overload Hazardous?

 When you place too much demand on an electrical circuit, there is an increased potential for an electrical fire in your home. The excess demand creates heat as the electricity travels through the wiring. As the heat increases above the rating for the wire, the insulation can begin to melt and start a fire in the walls, floors, or ceiling of your home. Overloaded circuits also increase the potential for electrical shocks and other harm to you or your loved ones when using the outlets.

Cost-Effective Solutions

There are never any good reasons to take on a DIY electrical project. Any project involving your home’s electrical system should be left to a licensed electrician. They are the only ones who know the local electrical codes and safety guidelines for electrical systems in the area.

When you contact your electrician to explain your issue, several potential fixes might be reasonable. But the first consideration is the existing wiring and electrical panel in your home. In some cases, a circuit can be increased to better handle the greater demand of your home office. In other cases, a dedicated circuit can be installed to handle your office or other workspaces that you have crates in your house.

A Cost-Effective Repair For Added Safety

Your electrician might also discover that the load you are placing on a specific electrical circuit is not the issue. Instead, the problem is nothing more than a worn-out breaker. Breakers are fail-safe devices that trip or open the circuit when there is an issue. However, these safety devices wear out over time. And in most cases, as they begin to degrade, the trip more frequently and for little or no reason. Therefore, your electrician could replace the worn-out breakers and completely solve your electrical issues.

Whenever you experience an electrical issue in your home, the best approach is to call (501) 426-5624 immediately. The licensed electricians at Money Electric will arrive promptly to determine what is causing the problem and provide you with as many solutions as possible. Our goal is always to work with customers to find a safe solution that works with their budget. In addition, you can always count on a no-obligation price quote for any job and a full warranty on all of our work.