Beware Of The Three Biggest Electrical Hazards In Your Home

No resident of Conway is willing to live in a house without electricity, simply to eliminate the potential for hazards. However, it is crucial to understand that electricity does pose a risk to the safety of your home and everyone in it. Without knowing a bit about electrical safety and some of the most common electrical hazards, you could even be unknowingly increasing the risk. So it is essential to understand the three most significant electrical dangers in the average home.

Old Wiring

The standards set for building materials change as our technology and infrastructure expand and develop. In the last few decades, the demand for electricity in the average house has skyrocketed. Every room is filled with electronic devices, appliances, and mobile device chargers to keep all of your technology ready at a moment’s notice. And all of these items increase the demand on your electrical system. But what is not likely to have changed in the last few years is the electrical wiring in your home.

Even if the wiring was installed in the 70s or 80s, at or near 50 years old, and is sure to be past its prime. There is now more electrical current flowing through those old wires than ever before, to make matters worse. Old wiring, wires with deteriorating connections, and under-sized wires account for many electrical issues in homes across the country, including power surges, arcs, and electrical fires. If you are unsure of your home’s wiring age, call (501) 426-5624 for an electrical inspection. The Money Electric pros will help you decide if it is time to update old wiring to increase the reliability of your electricity and the safety of your home.

Power Strips Are A Bad Sign

If you are using power strips in your home, there could be some severe issues. The only acceptable use of a power strip is to make it easier to access a plug that could be hidden behind a piece of furniture. And if that is the case, you should never use more than two of the receptacles on the power strip. When you plug more than two items into a power strip, you are overloading the power at the outlet, and that is a sure way to increase the potential of a costly and even life-threatening electrical fire.

If breakers are constantly tripping in your home, it could be due to overloaded outlets and circuits. Before resetting the breaker, remove some or all of the devices that are plugged into that circuit. Then reset the breaker. If the breaker does not trip again, you have discovered the issue was a simple yet very hazardous overload to the outlet or circuit.

Curious Children

Children are naturally curious. And when they watch an adult plug in a phone, tablet, or other toy and it comes to life, they are intrigued. It almost appears to be magic, and they want to be a part of it. It is vital that parents recognize this curiosity and protect children from electrical hazards.

Childproof outlet covers, eliminating extension cords that are accessible to children, and being careful about electrical cords within a child’s reach are all essential. And remember, when your child is in a new environment that is not childproofed, that curiosity will be even more dangerous. Never leave a child unattended around electrical outlets, cords, or other corded items that could be pulled off a table or counter and injure the child severely.

For more help eliminating all of these electrical hazards from your home, call (501) 426-5624. The experts at Money Electric are here to assist you with expert solutions at affordable prices.