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7 Energy Efficiency Tips for Spring

As we move into spring, our energy bills are going to rise. If you want to help lower your energy bills, you can use these simple tips to help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

1. Install Energy-Efficient Lighting

Lighting can take up more of your bill than you may realize. A simple swap to LED lighting will let you save energy. You will also save since these bulbs last longer. LED lights do not waste energy creating heat, so your home will stay cooler.

2. Change Your Window Treatments

Windows can let in a lot of heat. We all know how hot the sun can get here in Conway, so your windows can crank up your home’s temperature and increase your energy bill. You have great options to help block out the heat, like films and curtains that block out solar heat from your home.

3. Invest in Energy Star Appliances

Energy Star appliances and electronics take less power. By opting for these appliances, you can lower your energy bills. All you need to do is look for the Energy Star rating when you’re shopping for new appliances.

4. Adjust Your Ceiling Fan

One of the best features of ceiling fans is that you can use them year-round. During winter, they should be set so they can push heated air down from the ceiling. Once spring arrives, you need to change it so it will draw hot air up and away from you and your family.

5. Improve Your Insulation

Insulation is easy to forget about once winter passes. However, insulation also helps keep in the cool air as well. Make sure your walls and attics have enough insulation to help keep the hot air out. You can also make sure spaces like attics have ventilation to help push hot air out before it can move into the rest of your home.

6. Check Your Seals

Doors and windows need to be sealed to help keep hot air out and cool air in. Over time, your seals will degrade and need to be replaced. Fixing and replacing seals is cheap and easy. You will see the difference in your energy bills.

7. Manage Your Airflow

Poor airflow can make your home feel much warmer than it is. First, make sure your furniture isn’t blocking any vents. Furniture can block the cool air from your air conditioner and make your system work harder. You can also use your bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans to help push warm air out of your home on warm days. This can save you money by reducing AC usage.

Trust the Professionals

If you feel that a problem in your electrical system is driving up your bills, trust our expert electricians at Money Electric. We are the local Conway experts. Call us today and enjoy a more efficient electrical system.