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6 Warning Signs of Dangerously Outdated Electrical Wiring

Electrical malfunction or failure can result in home fires that lead to property damage, severe injuries, or even death. Outdated electrical wiring is a significant contributor to such electrical failures. So how do you avoid your household being a victim? You must be alert to spot the warning signs indicating you have outdated electrical wiring. Here are six warning signs that you have outdated electrical wiring in your home.

1. Circuit Breaker Trips

It is common for your circuit breaker to trip whenever it’s overloaded. A circuit breaker is designed to shut off your power from the circuit during an overload. However, when tripping is frequent, it is a sure sign there’s a potentially dangerous issue with your home’s wiring.

When your circuit breaker trips many times within a month, it could mean outdated electrical wiring or a wiring failure. If your home’s wiring is outdated, schedule an upgrade to avoid dangerous issues.

2. Frayed Wiring

Wires fray or crack for various reasons, and aging is one of them. Outdated wires fray easily, becoming a fire and shock hazard. Such damaged wiring is dangerous and can result in electrical damage or injuries. In such instances, seek the services of a licensed electrician to inspect your home for frayed wires and replace them.

3. Burning and Odd Odors

Outdated wiring may produce a burning odor immediately after you turn on your home’s switches. You may also smell burning from outlets or your electrical panel. Burning wires are a serious issue that must be addressed as soon as possible to avoid electrical fires.

4. Dimming or Flickering Lights

When your light fixtures start to dim or flicker, it is usually due to power-hungry appliances on the same circuit. If your lights dim whenever you use any electrical device, however, there’s likely an issue with your home’s electrical system. You may require a wiring upgrade to handle the energy consumed in your home.

5. Scorched Switches or Outlets

The outlets of your switches can help you identify a problem in your wiring. When these outlets start heating up, you know there’s a problem somewhere. Also, when your switch feels hot to the touch, it indicates an issue with your wiring.

Scorched switches are a sign of an overload in your electrical system, which could be a result of outdated wiring. Such inspections will help you determine whether your home needs an electrical upgrade.

6. Buzzing Outlets

If you’re greeted with a buzzing spark when you plug something into an outlet, unplug the device and call an electrician as soon as possible. Buzzing outlets are not normal, and they pose a threat to your property and safety. An electrician can find the cause of the issue and provide a quick fix.

Outdated electrical wiring can be costly in terms of the damage it can cause. Therefore, hiring an expert for an electrical upgrade is the way to go. Contact us at Money Electric for unmatched residential and commercial electrical services in Conway, AR, including lighting installations and home wiring upgrades.