4 Common Electrical Safety Issues In Many Homes

Sadly, most homeowners in the Conway community tend to take the convenience of electricity for granted. As long as we can plug something in to an outlet and it works, we assume that the electrical wiring and other components are safe and functional. However, that is not always the case. If you notice a very loose outlet, lights that flicker, a faint burnt toast odor, or see sparks coming from an outlet, these are warning signs that you have an electrical issue that needs professional attention immediately. Typically, these are hints that your home’s electrical system is suffering from one of the following four issues that could be creating a significant safety factor.

Excessive Wear And Tear

Much like all the systems in your home, the electrical system needs some service and maintenance occasionally. Over 50% of all residential electrical fires can be traced back to an electrical problem that was typically related to old age, deteriorated insulation, loose connections, or a damaged outlet. All of these issues and the potential electrical fires they might cause can be prevented with regular electrical inspections, upgrades when necessary, and repairs when a component gets damaged.

Poor Installation

 A basic understanding of how electricity flows and electrical systems operate does not qualify you to be an electrician. Many electrical hazards result from homeowners taking on an electrical DIY project or hiring a handyman to fix an electrical issue. The only person qualified to repair or renovate your home’s electrical system is a licensed electrician. Never risk the safety of your loved ones or home trying to save a few dollars.

Power Surges

You have no way of controlling to predicting power surges on the grid. But you can protect your home and electrical devices with whole-home surge protection. The cost of just one surge that destroys electronics and electrical appliances in your home is sure to justify the cost of this safety feature. In addition, regular electrical inspections will ensure that all of the safety features like the breakers in your electrical panel are in good working order to protect your loved ones and your home.

Lack Of Maintenance

Professional care and service for your electrical system are essential for its safety and longevity. As you can see, this is the one item that you have complete control over. Hiring an electrical expert for regular inspections, maintenance, and service ensures that you are not at the mercy of old electrical components, poor installations and even reduces the potential for power surge damage thanks to surge protection from functional breakers and other safety devices. Even if lights and appliances are working, please understand that there can be considerable potential for safety issues if your home’s electrical system has not been inspected in the last two years.

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